Specialty Leasing

The Specialty Leasing program allows Local, National, Startup and Established businesses the opportunity to open shop and operate at an Enclosed Shopping Mall without the expense and commitment of a long term lease.

The Specialty Leasing Program is designed to be flexible with terms, type of retail mix and size of location. From a small common area RMU (cart) to a large inline space, our program is designed to find the right size location for every specialty tenant.

Our Specialty Leasing experts know what it takes to start a business and will guide you through the process of getting started.

In-line Space

An actual inline storefront, located next to national retailers. Depending on the shopping center, typical inline spaces range from 500 – 10,000 square feet.

Cart or RMU

A mall-provided Cart or RMU (retail merchandising unit), set up in high-traffic common areas of the mall.


A common area merchandise unit typically provided by the retailer, who would like a custom display system

Advertising, Displays, Events

Common-area advertising opportunities, reaching millions of shoppers through signage, freestanding displays, graphic wraps and events.