About Us

Spinoso Real Estate Group was founded in 2009 by enclosed mall industry veteran Carmen Spinoso.

After witnessing the outflow of talent from the mall industry during the rapid consolidation of enclosed mall operators during the 2000s, as well as anticipating the pending CMBS crisis and expected large-scale transference of ownership, it became clear that the services of a highly experienced and specialized enclosed mall platform would be in high demand to banks, special servicers and investors.

As a real estate category, enclosed malls are highly complex, with many interconnected issues, obstacles and opportunities. It takes an absolute expert to navigate the challenges and maximize the opportunities.

SREG was created to be that expert.

SREG was founded and has been widely recognized across the industry as a leading and experienced firm conducting business with excellence.


Our team excels at what we do: creating value for large-scale retail and retail-based mixed-use projects.


We have decades of experience exclusively working for and operating as owners.


We believe in the value of relationships, and bring a vast network of strong relationships to every project we undertake.

Our Culture

At Spinoso, we operate with a get-it-done mindset, and our corporate culture is very much the same. Creating value for the clients we represent is at the core of our operations, and we’re passionate about it! Simply Put, We Love What We Do & We Get Deals Done!


Our Values

Our Values coincide with our Business Philosophy and guide us in Developing our Vision, Setting our Goals and Executing our Plans. We are committed to:

  • Conducting Business with Integrity
  • Executing with Excellence
  • Operating with Humility

What We Do

The Spinoso Real Estate Group portfolio spans from coast to coast, dealing with millions of square feet of enclosed malls and large-scale retail properties, bringing an unparalleled combination of skill, expertise and focus to the projects we work on – specifically designed to maximize value and attain our client’s financial goals.


We are keenly aware that leasing is of primary importance in the retail real estate equation. By developing the best possible selection of tenants, a project's viability, value, and financial performance can be maximized


Our portfolio and experience spans from coast to coast, and includes millions of square feet of enclosed malls and large-scale retail properties. We deliver an unparalleled combination of skill, expertise and focus to each of the projects we work on


Properties become distressed, under-perform, or need to be re-imagined for various reasons. Whether you currently own or are considering acquiring an asset that has upside potential, we have the expertise and track record to help you realize that potential


Spinoso Real Estate Group, as well as principals of the firm, are available and experienced in acting as the court-appointed receiver in instances where the lender wishes to take operating control of a retail asset away from the borrower


SREG has extensive experience in developing innovative, grassroots and results-driven marketing initiatives designed to increase traffic, impact customer buying cycle, and transform communities.


Spinoso Real Estate Group has extensive experience and a proven coast-to-coast track record in the building and construction management of enclosed mall assets, large-scale retail-based projects, and complex mall environments

Asset Management

SREG provides a full-service Real Estate Asset Management solution to manage critical financial tasks including Accounting Services, Lease Administration, and Financial Analysis

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