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Internship Success Highlights at SREG. Be part of the story!

When we sat down to outline parameters of the internship program, we envisioned a program that heavily, and primarily, focused on creating an immensely valuable experience for soon-to-graduate students interested in Commercial Real Estate.

Camillo Spinoso

Senior Leasing & Business Development at SREG

Spinoso Real Estate Group Welcomes its Class of 2021 Summer Interns, more than doubling last year’s positions

SREG hand-selected this year’s class from more than 100 applicants, with students from schools across the Northeast. Following last year’s successful summer semester, the company has more than doubled the number of paid intern positions to 12, up from 5 last year. The company was thrilled to expand their program capacity, and now they have successfully filled all intern positions for the season. The summer semester began June 1, and will continue through Aug 13.

Luke Ceccoli was nervous when starting his internship at SREG. However, he quickly felt welcomed and part of SREG’s big family. The company’s family-focused culture made him feel comfortable and like an integral member of the team.

“They have really given us work that adds value to the company, and that helps us feel like we belong here and we are not just the outside interns.” – Luke

Luke Ceccoli

Syracuse University

I had work to do right away, but I didn’t have to figure things out on my own. I was able to ask questions, there was alot of good training from day one. Being a company that is trying new things, pushing the envelope in leasing and marketing and management, things that other people in the industry are not doing, was something that really drew me in.

Caelan Houle

Leasing Representative Former SREG Intern, Class of 2019 (Spring)

Matthew Potenza started his internship to immerse himself into the real estate industry, but he quickly learned the value of a company with a family-centered culture. The support he was given by each member of SREG’s leasing team made him feel like a valuable asset to the team and the company’s success.

“It was unexpected, for me, to actually produce and be part of the team that put something together and have it be useful.” – Matthew

Matthew Potenza

Southern Methodist University

In the midst of the pandemic, SREG hires 184 people, without furloughs, and expands corporate office!

The past nine months have created an evident increase in layoffs and furloughs across the industry. However, SREG made it a priority to keep each of their team members on board throughout the current health crisis, without any furloughs or layoffs.
Since February, the company has hired 184 individuals across their portfolio. This serves as the largest growth initiative at the company to-date.

Grace Glowaki worked closely with SREG’s marketing department. When Grace started her internship, she was pleasantly surprised by the respect herself and her peers each got from the team.
“We are doing real work here, and they value our work and they value our opinions. ~ Grace

Grace Glowaki

Clemson University

“It’s the culture” – Redefining and Differentiating SREG through human-centered values

Culture is what makes us stand out, and our team thinks so too. In our recent video series, “SREG Stories” we interviewed various interns to see their perspective on the company. We noticed a common theme between each interviewee – they felt the genuineness and differentiation that SREG’s culture provides.

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You have a lot of reservations with internships, lots of stereotypes; potentially getting coffee, filing paperwork. But none of that was here. When you come to work, you don’t want to feel obligated. Like you’re being forced to do something you don’t want to do. Your work, your career should be something you’re in love with.

Dylan Cocco

Leasing Intern Class of Summer 2020

David Gross started the summer with the goal to further his experience and knowledge about commercial real estate in his plan to move towards a career in development or brokerage. He ended his summer with a new “family”/(support system) and an interest in exploring the analytical side.

“The advice I would give to future interns is to come in with an open mind.” – David

David Gross

Villanova University

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Culture is all about what you make of it. SREG’s family-focused culture is what makes us stand out, and our interns agree. When family-focused culture is the center of a company, employees feel valued and are empowered to share their creativity to help further the company’s success. SREG’s interns felt like valuable members of the team and were motivated to further their careers within the commercial real estate industry.

When you work for a company that has that same philosophy, it just clicks. It’s really nice to feel like you are a part of the corporate team as well as the field team

Margie Deppen

General Manager

We’re actively recruiting. Let us know you’re interested!

I found SPINOSO to be forward-thinking and driven. That alone made the decision pretty straight-forward to join the SREG team
John Caputo

Director of Capital Markets

As a company, we have so much to be grateful for. Most importantly, for the incredible people and their stories that remind us of the things that really matter most.

“The Summer 2021 semester was hugely successful. We onboarded a significant number of new properties, and it was exciting to see the Interns involved in actual projects the rest of the company was involved in – giving them hands-on experience and valuable insight into every aspect of commercial real estate.”
Camillo Spinoso

Senior Leasing & Business Development at SREG

One of the things I was skeptical about was how much assistance I would get and how much I would be on my own to figure out what to do. One of the things that was a pleasant surprise was how much support the employees gave in teaching us something. They’ve all been pretty good with assisting us and answering any questions that we had. They’ve expressed the openness and the welcoming of questions.

Andrew Fureno

Leasing Intern Class of Summer 2020

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Here’s a culture where they have high expectations, hold you accountable, but you’re also given the time to talk about deal making, negotiating and how to succeed. For someone in Carmen’s position to be interactive with all of the people in the company, I thought that was a big deal, and I was impressed to see that

Bill Moston

Director of Development

When you first walk through the doors, everyone was very genuine. They emphasized that they hand-picked all their employees – you could really tell that they took their time to choose their staff. Everyone was contributing to the culture that Carmen set forth in the beginning.

Andrew Fureno

Leasing Intern Class of Summer 2020

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