Foxtrot announces larger stores, on track to open 50, expands store models

Friday, Jul 30, 2021

Foxtrot Market is a Chicago-based chain of convenience stores that seamlessly blends physical and digital elements into one experience. The company recently announced a massive expansion plan that includes opening 50 new stores across the US over the next two years. 

Foxtrot currently has 13 locations in Chicago, Dallas, and Washington D.C. Their new footprint will include locations in New York City, Austin, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston and other cities. The brand thrives in bustling cities and plans to continue capitalizing on opportunities to open in these types of environments. 

With Foxtrot’s growth initiatives, the brand will also introduce new store formats and services. The layouts will be twice as large as Foxtrot’s original models, featuring expansive on-site dining options, enhanced menus and in-store merchandising. The brand will encourage in-store discovery, while amplifying the overall restaurant atmosphere. A larger space is necessary to create the all-around ambiance Foxtrot is looking for. 

“We never expected to be running a bustling coffee shop in the morning, a lunch destination, and a wine bar at night. That’s how our customers were using the space, but we weren’t set up for it. Now that we have had a couple of years to see how we fit in with our customers’ daily rhythms, we want to design our store spaces around it. It means more square footage,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Mike LaVitola. 

Foxtrot’s physical presence is key to their overall success in the market. The decision to expand their brick-and-mortar footprint was a no-brainer to LaVitola.

“In the years since, we’ve realized the pivotal role the physical shops play within neighborhoods. There’s no better way to spark discovery than by browsing shelves, and no better platform to elevate local makers than giving them a home in the neighborhood. As consumer preferences shifted online this past year and delivery soared, we were fortunate to see our stores continue to thrive, and act as true hubs of the community when people were seeking connection. In an increasingly digital world, and especially as we exit the pandemic, we believe retail will continue to thrive if done right — beautiful spaces, tailored to the neighborhood, highlighting local makers and artisans, and providing a friendly, warm gathering space for all. We can’t wait for new cities across the country to experience the Foxtrot difference,” LaVitola said.

Foxtrot launched in 2014 as a direct-to-consumer company powered by their delivery app. In 2015, they opened their first location. Since then, the company has found a way to incorporate their app into their physical locations to provide a unique omnichannel experience to consumers. Omnichannel customers shop from Foxtrot an average of six times each month. 

The company is known for the eclectic and local brands they carry in-store. Their plan is to continue to carry a mix of brands and expand them during their growth initiatives. This will further add to Foxtrot’s overall vision to create stories and encourage community. 

 “The lifeblood of our company is telling our brands stories,” LaVitola added.

Source: Foxtrot Aggressive Plans – Supermarket News, Foxtrot New Geographies – Forbes
Photo Credit: Foxtrot Aggressive Plans – Supermarket News

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