In a World of Chaos, Innovation Follows

Wednesday, Mar 18, 2020

COVID-19 has been quick to impact many of us and our everyday lives. We may ask ourselves, “Why is this happening to our world?” The answer is unknown. However, the importance of this pandemic does not lie within these questions we are asking ourselves. In fact, the importance lies within our minds, our capabilities and our creativity.

Above all else, we can look at this as an opportunity for growth — within ourselves and our workplace. Often times chaos can lead to new waves of thinking, ideas and solutions. At SREG, we are seeing this as a tremendous opportunity to better grow ourselves as leaders in the industry, and to take a step back to develop our vision for the future.

Many businesses and consumers have the same mindset, and we have already seen a shift in behavior. Attempting to normalize the impact of this epidemic, “longer-term innovation and change in trends will come,” said Hamza Mudassir, writer for the Entrepeneur.

“Pandemics tend to enable entirely new categories of businesses. It also becomes quite clear that both pandemics and recessions are accelerants to innovation versus direct causes of it,” noted Mudassir.

A leader in innovation is Proxy, a company who has made the decision to go hands-free in the age of Coronavirus. The company has recently developed a keyless office entry start-up — an app that uses a Bluetooth low-energy signal so that employees can open doors, elevators, and garages without using their hands or having to take their phone out of their pocket. Proxy has now raised $58.8 million in funding so they can bring this startup to offices across the globe.

“The door is just a starting point,” said Denis Mars, Proxy Chief Executive Office. “We’re empowering a movement to take back control of our privacy, our sense of self, our humanity and our individuality.”

Another brand who has stepped up amidst the chaos is Aleddra. Aleddra is a company that provides LED lighting solutions, and is known for developing cutting edge products. Just recently, they released a LED de-Odorization Lamp that removes bad odors and uses technology to reduce certain viruses and bacteria from the air. Aleddra has adapted technology that has been used in hospitals for years in order to create this product.

It’s companies like Aleddra and Proxy that are taking this time as an opportunity to develop products that will truly make an impact for its users.

COVID-19 has been a complete shock to the world around us — drastically affecting the economy and thousands of individuals. But like all things, this too shall pass. And we firmly believe there’s more on the horizon — fresh ideas, new technology, and different perspectives so that we can all live and work safer and smarter as a society.

(Please note: At SREG, we fully understand the importance and potential trajectory during the COVID-19 pandemic. We express our deepest sympathy towards what is happening in our world. And as a company, we are closely monitoring and being proactive about the situation at hand to ensure the safety of our team and others.)

Source: Entrepreneur COVID-19 3/16/20, TechCruch Proxy Raises $42M 3/16/20, Aleddra’s de-Odorization LED Lamp 3/19/20
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