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Andre Ivanchuk

Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy

Andre Ivanchuk holds the position of Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy at Spinoso Real Estate Group and is responsible for directing and developing the marketing vision and strategy for Corporate and Field marketing programs.

As one of the companies longest tenured members, he develops and oversees corporate marketing strategy and branding initiatives for business development and leasing – including brand-building campaigns through events, digital media, content development and relationship marketing. Mr. Ivanchuk is responsible for shaping and managing the company’s image internally and through all public communication and experiential touch-points.

Mr. Ivanchuk also directs mall-level marketing strategy, initiatives, communication, and technology best-practices. Additionally, he leads a comprehensive SREG retailer marketing support initiative designed to proactively cultivate and nurture landlord-tenant relationships through strategic collaboration, creative planning and on-site engagement for existing and new-to-mall retailers.

Prior to officially joining the Spinoso Real Estate Group team, Mr. Ivanchuk held the roll as Brand Consultant for Spinoso Real Estate Group – developing, building and setting course for the organization’s marketing strategy. Mr. Ivanchuk has nearly 20 years of Marketing, Branding, Events, and Multi-Disciplinary Design experience. He holds a BFA from the State University of New York at Purchase, White Plains, with a concentration in multi-disciplinary design and ideation methodologies. He is continually involved in studies in Human Centered Design and Design Thinking.

He is an active member of ICSC and The Designer’s Accord; a global coalition of creative thinkers working together to create positive environmental and social impact and implementing the power of systems thinking and design thinking to higher-order strategic challenges.

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Andre Ivanchuk

Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy

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Director of Asset Management

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Regional Field Manager

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Lease Administrator

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Lease Administration Analyst

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Property Accountant

Brenda Sparks

Manager, Tenant Coordination

Carmen Spinoso, Jr

Property Transition Analyst

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Leasing Representative

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Leasing Representative

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Property Transition Analyst

Heather Wood

CAD/ Designer- Team Lead