leadership team

Don Klaben

Chief Operating Officer

Don Klaben holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at Spinoso Real Estate Group, driving the day-to-day business operations and leading the execution of the company’s mission. With almost 20 years of experience in the Shopping Center industry, he specializes in leasing and financial underwriting, as well as business development and management.

Prior to joining Spinoso Real Estate Group, Mr. Klaben spent 13 years at Pyramid Management Group gaining experience in all areas of the of the industry. His tenure included Big Box/Mall Shop Leasing, Corporate Finance, Underwriting, Development, Accounting and Lease Administration. Mr. Klaben facilitated multiple loan refinances for Class A & B Shopping Centers and produced Underwriting models instrumental in supporting corporate decisions as they related to opportunities within the portfolio. Following his time at Pyramid, Mr. Klaben joined the SREG team leveraging his unique skillset on developing and implementing corporate strategy with an emphasis on operational performance and investment opportunities.

Additionally, Mr. Klaben is passionate about supporting his local community. He has served as a member of the Town of Camillus Planning Board since 2013, utilizing his corporate experience to serve as a resource for community development. He is also a proud member of patient advocacy groups that help individuals and their families suffering from new cancer diagnoses, offering education and support as they navigate the changing landscape of their lives.

Mr. Klaben holds a B.A. from the State University of New York at Oswego.

Executive Team

Carmen D. Spinoso

Chairman, CEO

Camillo Spinoso

SVP Business Development

David Jacobstein

Sr. Advisor, Strategy & Business Development

Don Klaben

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Nevins

EVP of Leasing

Bill Moston

Director of Development

John Caputo

Director of Capital Markets

Chris Fiello

Director of Leasing

Andre Ivanchuk

Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy

Leigh Schokker

Corporate Controller

Clarissa Melita

Director of Asset Management

Bill Hamilton

Director of Property Management

Tina Marie Alberici

Executive Assistant to Carmen D. Spinoso

Joseph Indivero

Director of Construction and Operations

Bryan C. Calkin

Director of Specialty Leasing

Corporate Team

Jonathan Abbott

Lease Administration

Beth Arnold

Property Accountant

Kaitrin Bailey

Executive Assistant to Don Klaben

Andrea Binaxas

HR Manager

Bryan Biuso

Property Accountant

Elizabeth Butler

Specialty Leasing Coordinator

Alyssa Campagna

Corporate Field Marketing Manager

Caitlin Cariseo

Business Intelligence Analyst

Wendy Carter

Asset Management Assistant

Chelsea Carr

Leasing Representative

Cassandra Cherebin

Property Accountant

Rebecca Chopay

Asset Management Assistant

Angelina Colone

Market Research Analyst

Matthew DePerro

Leasing Representative

Tony Desimone

Property Accountant

Shannon Dolan

Lease Administration

Judy Farrelly

Corporate Administrative/Leasing Assistant

Michael Flohn

Leasing Representative

Jackie Foland

Property Transition Manager

Christy Froelich

Lease Administration – Team Lead

Andrew Fureno

Data Analyst

Stephanie Gibbs

Supervisor of Property Accounting

Joseph Goodfellow

Property Accountant

Meghan Green

CAD & Planning Engineer

Eric Hamilton

Financial Analyst

Fred Heichman

Sr. Leasing Representative

Katelyn Hershewe

Leasing Representative

Barbara Kelly

Sr. Leasing Representative

Charles House

Sr. Leasing Representative

Marisa Jaquin

Leasing Coordinator

Corrine LaFrance

Lease Administration – Team Lead

Jason Longmore

Lease Administration

Amy Mitchell

Supervisor of Lease Administration

Michael Martin

Property Accountant

Heather Maddox

Property Accountant

Cassidy Mayers

Leasing Representative

Wyatt Myers

Leasing Representative

Jared Perrone

Sr. Leasing Representative

Emma Powers

Lease Administration

Arthur Prest

Sr. Leasing Representative

Thomas Napier

Sr. Leasing Representative

Tessa Pucello

Financial Analyst

Tim Quantrille

Senior Property Accountant

Sabrina Russo

Lease Administration

Courtney Rozen

Regional Field Manager

Sarah Schmidt

Lease Administration

Brenda Sparks

Manager, Tenant Coordination

Heather Wood

CAD/ Designer- Team Lead

Kyle Smith

Property Accountant – Team Lead

Carmen Spinoso, Jr

Property Transition Analyst

Connor Stanton

Leasing Representative

Chuck Willetts

Sr. Leasing Representative

Michael Yaizzo

Lease Administration