Marketing & Retail Support

SREG has extensive experience in developing innovative, grassroots and results-driven marketing initiatives designed to increase traffic, impact customer buying cycle, and transform communities.

SREG’s property marketing program is shaped by 3 core objectives:

Tenant Support

We love retail and we believe in our tenants. Our marketing activities are largely fueled by our goal to see tenants succeed.

Traffic Generation

In-mall traffic is a critical component for tenant success and we strive to creatively activate mall space with tenant-shopper experiences.

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Community Engagement

We believe that through local partnerships we can transform and impact communities around us and establish our properties as The Third Places.

SREG adheres to a Hybrid Marketing Strategy comprised of:


Integrated Omnichannel Marketing

A strategic omnichannel approach that integrates all aspects of promotion and communication including Paid Media, Earned Media and Owned Media to achieve a seamless consumer experience with maximum impact.


Experiential Marketing

An engagement marketing strategy built around events, activations and interactivity – deeply rooted in clear business objectives and KPI’s.

We take a personalized approach to shopping center marketing – rather than the typical cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. Each property’s marketing program is built on a fundamental framework that consists of:


  • A deeply rooted understanding of each market’s social and cultural intricacies and opportunities
  • Custom built ground-up to best serve the property and tenant mix
  • Community involvement
  • Objectives designed around shopping center’s business and operations

Each property’s marketing program is comprised of:

  • A creative and intelligent plan, maximizing each property’s marketing budget to deliver results.
  • Communication strategy outlining channel mix; social, digital, influencer and variety of traditional media.
  • Tenant support through cultivated and collaborative partnerships with local and national retailers.
  • Tenant promotional schedule for grand openings, sales, awareness and events.
  • A unique annual experiential initiative, outlining everything from large-scale community events to niche micro activations.
  • Travel and tourism initiative to maximize each market’s tourism impact.
  • Partnerships with local organizations to build strong community relations.
  • New product implementation to leverage the latest marketing technology, tools and methods.
  • Ongoing creative input and oversight by SREG Marketing Team.

SREG leads an industry-defining program designed to re-energize tenant support by cultivating retailer participation through direct and collaborative retailer partnerships to impact traffic, sales and communities.

Case Study Examples

At Spinoso Real Estate Group, we maximize the value of each property we work on through aggressive Leasing: Increasing Occupancy, Improving NOI and driving Mall Sales Performance.

Every aspect of our organization, every department, and every member of our team is highly valued and critically important.

Whether a direct member of the Leasing Department, or through involvement in another functional area, as a team we contribute to exceeding our clients and partners expectations, and directly or indirectly, help to support the leasing effort. Leasing+ is an integral part of our culture and company’s DNA.

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