New mattress startup admits challenges with e-commerce, eyes physical stores

Tuesday, Feb 6, 2024

A new mattress startup, Boring Mattress Co, has recently launched, in hopes to shake up the industry. 

The founders originally opened a mattress startup in 2012, called Tuft and Needle, back when buying a mattress was more unfamiliar. After launching that company as a pure DTC player, expanding to a physical storefront and merging with Serta Simmons, the company is ready to return to the mattress market, to make a mark in the industry.

The company aims to help people “escape mattress hell” by offering a more simple customer shopping experience. The explosion of bed-in-a-box brands, combined with rising prices, has made it harder for customers to find the right mattress at an affordable price. The mattress sector is overcrowded with pure-play e-commerce shops. And as more mattress brands launch and create ongoing products to grow revenue, shopping for mattresses becomes more expensive and complicated. 

“On each of these DTC brand sites, they have a matrix of models now with anywhere from three to 12 different models, and it’s really hard to choose which one is the right choice for you,” Park said. 

Boring Mattress Co’s plan is to simplify the process and completely avoid the frictions that DTC companies face with e-commerce. 

“The purpose of Boring is to offer a simple, no-frills option again, for customers,” said Daehee Park, the company’s founder.

The company strives to be brutally honest with customers. A queen mattress, called “the mattress” on the company’s website goes for $799. This is significantly less than their current competitors. 

To start out, the company won’t adopt as many wholesale partnerships as other brands in the sector. They won’t do deals with affiliate mattress sites. Park noted that he sees opportunity in physical retail stores. 

“To really grow substantially as an online-only brand is much more difficult these days…The primary reason is because of extremely competitive online advertising,” Seth Basham, a managing director of Equity Research at Wedbush Securities who covers mattress companies. 

Park recognizes that customer acquisition continues to be a big challenge for mattress brands today, particularly the rising cost of online paid marketing on Facebook and Google.

“With our brand messaging — which is much punchier than before — it’s polarizing, it allows us to see things very differently. So we’re hopeful that that will allow us to stand out in the kind of noise of mattress advertising out there,” said Park.

Source: Boring Mattress Co – Modern Retail
Photo Credit: Boring Mattress Co – Modern Retail

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