Omnichannel continues to evolve, real-time transparency to benefit brick-and-mortar retail

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020

There has been a clear demand for buy online, pick up in-store (BIPOS) methods among consumers. As the holidays quickly approach, these omnichannel methods will become even more prominent and will continue to evolve over time. Items will quickly fly off the shelves, and real-time transparency of available products will need to be a prominent tool within BOPIS.

Because of this, SmarterHQ has developed a solution, called Store Product Alerts, that allows retailers to send automated messages to shoppers to notify them if certain inventory is available at their preferred store, based on their unique shopping behaviors and interests.

Store Product Alerts will bring increased visibility for BOPIS and other pick-up programs by letting consumers know when certain products are available at a store near them. By providing real-time transparency into a retailer’s physical inventory this will further benefit the physical store experience.

When a customer visits a store to pick up items, it’s very likely they will browse while they are there – making BOPIS a very effective tool to enhance brick-and-mortar shopping. In fact, according to a survey from Retail Dive, 85% of shoppers said they have made additional purchases while picking up what they have already bought online.

SmarterHQ’s new concept merges in-store experiences and inventory management. These used to be separate functions, but with this solution they have merged into one. This will create an easier, more manageable customer journey and bring in more loyal shoppers. Their approach will also eliminate added costs and other logistical issues that often arise with e-commerce, while encouraging last-minute in-store shopping options.

Omnichannel capabilities have continued to progress and adapt to today’s retail landscape. Now, this model has become necessary in order to survive. The concept of omnichannel and adapting new technologies has become clearer, smarter and immensely crucial for brick and mortar. In order to fulfill omnichannel and its capabilities, a physical store is needed as the fundamental building block.

Source: SmarterHQ Store Product Alerts – Business Wire
Photo Credit: SmarterHQ Press Release 8/19/20

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