We are truly passionate about creating value through leasing, property management, analysis, repositioning, stabilization, and redevelopment.

Our diverse experiences have helped us shape a straightforward business philosophy based on the principle of Sowing and Reaping. We believe that you reap what you sow. At SREG, these are more than mere words. They guide us in developing our vision, setting our goals and executing our plans.
With this in mind, we commit to:
  • Conduct business with Integrity
  • Execute with Excellence
  • Serve with Humility


We understand that life is constantly evolving. Truly, nothing stays the same. Therefore, we must constantly learn, adapt and grow. That’s why we are committed to, and constantly invest in having our “finger on the pulse” of the industry. Through an extensive network of relationships and sources of information, we make informed decisions to ensure the success of every project. We gain wisdom and knowledge from each project we undertake and every experience we share.


We subscribe to the adage, “that by standing on the shoulders of giants, we can see more and see farther.” We apply this by learning from every project we undertake, by studying projects developed by others, and by bringing trusted third-party professionals to the table. Therefore, our clients benefit from leveraging a vast resource of talent and experience.

Principal Involvement

Each SREG project is given a high level of principal involvement and each principal stays highly involved in the projects we undertake.

Ownership Mentality

Our pedigree comes from decades of working for, and operating as owners. Thus, an “ownership mentality” permeates everything we do. We approach every project with the care and concern of an owner.

Financial Responsibility

With each project we undertake, our goal is to achieve the best financial results. With a focus on maximum value creation, we commit to develop a quantifiable, achievable, and financially prudent plan consistent with our clients’ financial objectives.


Our most treasured assets are the relationships we have established. We strive to grow our relationships and our organization by making sure we consistently exhibit trust, integrity, fairness, humility, passion and excellence.


We strive to achieve transparency with our clients, vendors, tenants and the communities in which we work. We believe in prudent and strategic collaboration and commit to serving our clients by providing open lines of communication and accurate and timely reporting.

In-Person Approach

The team at SREG is committed to showing up – either at a prospective tenant’s office, on-site at a project, or wherever necessary. While our face-to-face approach is a core philosophy of SREG, we are committed to wise application of this principle with a balancing commitment to cost containment.

Place Making

We are sensitive to achieving financial success and doing so by creating projects that truly capture a sense of place and inspire the communities they serve. We believe the goal of maximizing value is best served by creating a project that is immediately recognizable as excellent, in both form and function.