Retail startups VC’s are watching in 2020, and their impact on traditional retail

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020

Retail startups have made waves in the industry recently, and VC’s have taken note.

Reinventing the retail game is necessary for any new company, and these startups will be ones to watch during the rest of 2020 and beyond:

The home furniture retailer offers high-quality pieces at competitive prices. Their attention to detail and low interest rates has driven demand among consumers. Their team strives to embody a customer obsession guiding principle among their products and customer service, which leaves them in a good position to do well in the future.

The science-based skincare brand provides products for a wide variety of skin types and colors. They serve a more niche consumer base within the market by offering solutions for eczema, hyperpigmentation, scars and more. Topicals strives to create a community for people to openly talk about their skin.

Olive & June
The California-based nail salon chain has three brick and mortar locations, and recently launched its own nail polish line and at-home nail kits. The company has seen a recent surge in at-home manicures and decided to offer these items for their consumers. Their omnichannel model gives consumers the best of both worlds to decide if they want to get services in-person or do it themselves. 

The shopping platform encourages people to save their money to buy higher price tag items. They help allocate users funds in order to save up for more expensive purchases – such as a new couch or technology. Their platform is unique because it encourages consumers to spend their money wisely, which is incredibly important during today’s economic uncertainty.

The marketplace offers more than 2,000 brands, without the wholesale fees. They offer products from retailers such as Mattel, Burt’s Bees, Nordic Ware, Sophie la Giraffe, and Moleskine.

These are just a few among the many that VC’s have their eye on. Each of these companies provide unique, cutting edge services and products, which allows them to stand out in the world of retail. They challenge traditional retail and offer something different to the current landscape.

Source: 20 Retail Startups – Business Insider
Photo Credit: 20 Retail Startups – Business Insider

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