Sleep Number introduces high-touch experiential retail store model, centered by sustainability, physical store connections and digital experience

Wednesday, Aug 3, 2022

Sleep Number has debuted a brand new store concept, centered around high-touch experiential elements, human connections, and sustainability. The new digitally-centered brick-and-mortar store incorporates the latest technology to promote their Sleep Number 360 products and overall sleep health.

The physical store design was introduced at the retailer’s Minnesota location. Following the Minnesota storefront, Sleep Number also redesigned stores with the same concept in Illinois and Michigan. The retailer plans to open 16 locations this year with the same store model, while eventually using this same concept across its portfolio of 650 stores.

The brand’s new Sleep Number Climate360 bed will serve as the centerpiece to each new store design, boasting digital methods to guide customers towards healthy sleeping habits, while testing out the bed for themselves.

Smart Number’s core identity is based on identifying the needs of each of their consumers. Through content-driven initiatives and brick-and-mortar stores, the brand hopes to help people discover their own sleep solutions. This includes digital innovations like interactive quiz experiences, interchangeable tech presentations, AR experiences and ipad content with sleep expert associates. 

“Within the 360 smart bed experience, the consumer can see, feel and hear the bed, to help the consumer understand the key benefits of quality sleep and the 360 smart bed,” said Angela Gearhart, VP of Connected Brand Experience at Sleep Number. 

With the ability to physically interact and test out products, individuals can discover their own sleep experience and develop an emotional connection to in-store shopping. Sleep Number hopes to continue to follow the blend of physical and digital elements in their brick-and-mortar stores, while consistently meeting the needs of consumers in today’s evolving retail landscape.

“Our purpose and this new store concept support Sleep Number’s brand positioning as the leader of connected sleep, science and research. A whole brand evolution and brand positioning was the impetus for looking at how we come to the consumer in a new way, to individualize the customer journey and create an emotional and rational connection,” added Gearhart. 

Source: Sleep Number Store – Retail Touchpoints
Photo Credit: Sleep Number Store – Retail Touchpoints

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