SouthPark Mall Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary With Nearly 100,000 Guests

Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021

SouthPark Mall celebrated 25 years of operation from October 15 to October 17. Nearly 100,000 guests joined in the three-day celebration honoring the mall’s quarter of a century operation and new ownership. The event brought in a 24% increase in foot traffic versus 2019 for the same weekend

SouthPark Mall 25th Anniversary Weekend

To kick-off the anniversary weekend, the City of Strongsville delivered a proclamation to celebrate the milestone and recognized SouthPark Mall as a driving force for the community in Northeast Ohio with over 9 million visitors each year. In partnership with SPM Acquisition LLC, Spinoso Real Estate Group donated a $10,000 check to the City of Strongsville’s Towne Center Enhancement Fund

Marketing & Communication

SouthPark Mall heavily promoted the 25th Anniversary  through a creative and aggressive digital marketing strategy; including social media, email, and  SMS. Third party promotions were conducted via the social media of special guests, radio promotion, and digital print.



Tenant Relations


Project Management

Promo & COMM


Social Media


Community Partnership


Media Relations


Content Creation

Event Management


On-site logistics


Retailer Partnerships


Tenant Engagement


MC & Crowd Control

Promo & Comm: Social Media

SouthPark Mall implemented a social media campaign called Remember When to introduce the anniversary weekend. Posts utilized old photos of SouthPark mall and staged them in the modern-day location. Viewers were asked to share their own personal memories and photos of the mall throughout the years. 

Utilized Facebook and Instagram as primary methods to create buzz, promote event and engage with community.

Content distributed through various vehicles:

  • Mall’s various social media
  • Chris Olave, CJ Stroud, and Jeremy Ruckert from Ohio State University’s football team social media accounts
  • Jeremiah Q104 social media accounts
  • Cleveland Magazine social media accounts
  • Monica Robins’ from WKYC social media accounts

  •  Cleveland Jewish News’ Twitter

Photos taken for the Remember When campaign include:

Promo & Comm: Social Media Stories

Instagram Reach

Facebook Reach

SouthPark Mall posted 80 Instagram and Facebook stories between 9/20 and 10/17. Overall, 10,012 users were reached via Instagram and 21,945 were reached via Facebook. Several examples include:

Promo & Comm: Digital Campaign

Total Opens


Total Clicks

SouthPark Mall sent out four emails to 225,779 to announce the 25th Anniversary Celebration.

A link was created and shared via email, Facebook, and Instagram to promote the event. Overall, there were 3,356 clicks to the website via the link.

Promo & Comm: SMS Campaign

Total Deliveries


Total Clicks

The mall sent out seven SMS messages to announce the 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Community: Media & Community Relations

SouthPark Mall prioritized media relations, advising on major and prominent media outlets for one-on-ones and local dignitary relations. Community relations included a strategic word-of-mouth initiative, partnering with major media and local influencers to help spread the word.

Promo & Comm: Radio

Three radio shows throughout the Northeast Ohio region promoted SouthPark Mall’s 25th Anniversary. The shows included The Mike Trivisonno Show, The Jeremiah Show, and The Jen And Tim Show. Overall, 123,800 listeners heard about the event.

Promo & Comm: Print 

The Strongsville Post posted an advertisement that reached people in all the neighboring cities of SouthPark Mall via print and e-posts. These cities included Strongsville, Brunswick, Valley City, and North Royalton. The campaign ran for two weeks and reached an estimated 28,073 readers.

An advertisement was put in the Sun News on October 7th in tandem with online articles on This placement reached approximately 262,000 readers via the print and 9.9 million saw it via

Community: Pumpkin Patch

SouthPark hosted a pumpkin patch provided by a local farmer to the Northeast Ohio Region; Richardson’s Farms. Donations were welcomed and over $1,516 was raised to benefit the Strongsville Instrumental Music Boosters (S.I.M.B.); a program supporting the repairs, purchases, clinicians, and contest fees of the Strongsville High School Music Program. The patch was managed by volunteers from the Strongsville High School Marching Band.

Community: Beer Garden, Food Trucks, And Inflatables

An outdoor beer garden was setup on Friday and Saturday to benefit the JD Breast Cancer Foundation; to support individuals battling Breast Cancer. Over $1,415 were donated to the cause. Volunteers for the organization manned the beer garden throughout the event.

Five inflatables were located in the North Main lot throughout the weekend. Food trucks, including Samurai Dynasty and Kona Shaved Ice, were also in the parking lot.

Community: Chalk Wall

An interactive chalk wall, In 25 Years, I Hope To…, in the North Main entrance to encourage guests to share what they are hopeful for in the next 25 years. The wall was re-painted each day to encourage new guests to share their hopes throughout the weekend.

Community: Real Pop Fusion Performance

The Real Pop Fusion (RPF), an entertainment group specializing in crowd engagement and event hosting, ran various activities during the anniversary celebration. RPF hosted family games, giveaway opportunities, dance battles, high-energy music, and numerous sales and promotions were shared during the event. RPF also supplied $700 worth of giveaways to audience members who won competitions and games, and over $1,000 of SouthPark gift cards from the shopping center were distributed.

Community: OSU Football Player Signing

4thand Goal hosted the Ohio State University Football Player Signing on October 16. Over 230 guests came to see Chris Olave, CJ Stroud, and Jeremy Ruckert. Each player promoted the signing and the 25th Anniversary event on their social media pages and reached their combined 232.1k follower count.

Community: Live Entertainment

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, SouthPark Mall had 4 bands play throughout October 15 and October 16. Musicians included The Whisky Kings, and Emmy-Award winning reporter Monica Robins. Other musicians were The Taylor Tucky Band and The Joey Amato Band.

Jeremiah, a well-known radio personality from the Greater Cleveland area, from Cleveland’s Q104 contemporary radio made an appearance on October 16 and distributed 25th Anniversary swag bags and SouthPark gift cards. Jeremiah promoted the event on his personal and business social media accounts, and posted the various 25th Anniversary activities during the weekend.

Community: Giveaway

Numerous giveaways occurred throughout the weekend, including 25th Anniversary swag with a logo for the 25th Anniversary or SouthPark Mall logo; reusable grocery bags, water bottles, portable dog bowls, keychains, pop sockets, t-shirts, and portable charging power banks. The first 50 guests who arrived on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all received swag bags. Over 1,000 combined coupons and incentives in each bag. Other items included the real Pop Fusion for SouthPark trivia prizes, competitions, and more.

Each guest that visited the mall received an event map to highlight points of high interest. On the other side of the map, a QR was included to prompt guests to enter an email and phone number to enter the $1,000 shopping spree giveaway. Map cards were placed throughout the mall and in each swag bag to provide each visitor an opportunity to in one of the 2 giveaways. There were over 376 entries and 291 new contacts.

Visitors had the opportunity to participate 4 opportunities to participate in a $500 shopping spree through a “text to win” entry or the Real Pop Fusion raffle. There were over 61 entries with 40 new contacts added via the “text to win” option. Two of the four entries were chosen from the “text to win” code and the other two one the raffle.

Community: Tenant Relations

A Retailer Fashion Show was held on October 15th. The show provided retail tenants the opportunity to showcase their clothing while hosts shared sales and promotions at each store as each model walked the runway.

There were 40 SouthPark Mall employees who participated in the fashion show and acted as models. Each model was entered into a drawing for a $100 shopping spree. Trollbeads donated $100 in gift cards and 100 coupons for free designer bracelets that were raffled to audience members following the show.

The tenants expressed gratitude for hosting the event. Over the course of the weekend, multiple tenants reported the best sales for the year and stated sales comparable to the peak holiday season. Four of the tenants finished number one in their district for sales.

Up over 30% to plan on October 16th and 17th. Store finished 14 points better than district performance. Manager was thrilled and expressed gratitude for hosting the event.

Department Store

SouthPark Mall Tenant

Up over 40% for the weekend and 24% for the week. They finished as the only store in the district with a positive trend for the week.

Specialty Clothing

SouthPark Mall Tenant

#1 in volume and sales trend in the district for the weekend, exceeding $10k in sales for all three days. Manager stated that she has not seen the mall this busy in a long time.


SouthPark Mall Tenant

Up 45% against 2019 on October 16th , and up 90% against 2019 on October 17th .

Food & Beverage

SouthPark Mall Tenant

Finished #1 out of 10 in the district in trend and volume for the week.

Women's Apparel

SouthPark Mall Tenant

Finished the weekend 15th out of 365 stores, up 65% according to plan on October 16th alone. This weekend was outstanding and wanted to express thanks and appreciation.

Kid's Toys

SouthPark Mall Tenant

Finished #1 in the district for sales trend during the weekend with a sizeable increase in sales on October 16th. Store more than doubled their LY on Sunday, October 17th.

Department Store

SouthPark Mall Tenant

Surpassed sales goal by $12k on October 16th and substantially on October 17th. Their corporate office was pleased and mentioned that this location stood out from the rest in the district.


SouthPark Mall Tenant

Mentioned that the weekend was comparable to peak holiday season for traffic and business overall.


SouthPark Mall Tenant

Up over 10% to sales plan for the weekend.


SouthPark Mall Tenant

Already 30% above plan for the entire day on October 16that 4:00pm, 4 hours prior to closing. Manager mentioned that the sales team could not keep up with the influx of shoppers.

Women's Apparel

SouthPark Mall Tenant

Up over 42% to sales plan for the weekend, which was the second-best trend out of 18 other locations in the district.

Teen Apparel

SouthPark Mall Tenant

Up 29% to plan for the weekend and finished with the best performance and volume in the district. Manager stated that this we eke nd erased a month of deficit versus plan.

Apparel & Accessories

SouthPark Mall Tenant

Up over $7k over LY for the weekend. Their trend was 80 points better than other stores in the district.

Apparel & Accessories

SouthPark Mall Tenant

Up 16% for the week, more than double the district average.


SouthPark Mall Tenant

“Finished #1 in the district and experienced a 157% increase on October 16th and 17th. Store manager mentioned this was the best event in their time.” – Shoe Tenant

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