Starbucks prepares to reopen, begins transitioning to a new phase

Friday, Apr 17, 2020

Starbucks Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Johnson, announced in an open letter the brand’s plan to reopen their stores throughout the US with a “monitor and adapt” strategy. Their plan is to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and decide when it is fully safe to reopen cafes.

Field leaders will assess the local conditions before they reopen. They will also base the decision on four main factors:

  1. Local status
  2. Guidance from health and government officials
  3. Community sentiment
  4. Store operational readiness

The company has already started to reopen stores in China, so they know what to expect going forward in the US.

“As we experienced in China, this will be a journey and we are thoughtfully preparing for this next phase as we adapt in the US,” Johnson said.

Most of the company’s 15,000 US stores have already shifted to drive-thru only, while others offer entryway pickup, curbside delivery and at-home delivery

Johnson ended his open letter with an optimistic note, stating that although the pandemic has brought a lot of heartache to the world, but it has also “brought out some of the best in humanity, including your continued demonstrations of resilience and commitment to supporting the communities we serve.”

“We are all adapting to this new reality and approaching this thoughtfully and true to the principles outlined above. As we monitor and adapt, we will support our communities, and we will grow stronger as Starbucks partners,” Johnson also added. 

Starbucks is focusing on a positive mindset, to look past all of this and develop a better future for the brand. This effort to transition into a new phase of life will leave them with the power to succeed, despite the country’s recent hardships.

Source: Starbucks Open Letter – 4/16/20
Photo Credit: Starbucks Stories

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