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Crate and Barrel welcomes new CEO, Williams-Sonoma Vet

Crate and Barrel welcomes new CEO, Williams-Sonoma Vet

Crate and Barrel Holdings, Inc. will welcome a new Chief Executive Officer, Janet Hayes, on August 1. Hayes is a seasoned vet in the retail industry with over 25 years of experience, and recently served as the President of Williams-Sonoma for six years. With an...

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At Spinoso Real Estate Group, we maximize the value each property we work on through aggressive Leasing: Increasing Occupancy and Improving NOI and driving Mall Sales Performance

Every aspect of our organization, every department, and every member of our team is highly valued and critically important.

Whether a direct member of the Leasing Department, or through involvement in another functional area, as a team we contribute to exceeding our clients and partners expectations, and directly or indirectly, help to support the leasing effort. Leasing+ is an integral part of our culture and company’s DNA

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