VF reinvents physical retail, department store 2.0

Tuesday, Dec 8, 2020

VF Corporation is creating a multi-brand initiative to reinvent brick-and-mortar retail. The concept, Orefici11, will bring Timberland, The North Face, and Napapijri together for the first time to introduce an innovative store experience in Milan.

The brands will create a retail destination that serves as a space for digital and physical to come together in a pioneering way. VF is using each brand’s strengths to bring a different approach to retail – all under one roof.

The store will feature live streaming and a cloud-based POS to bring together technology and brick-and-mortar to create an immersive omnichannel experience. Live streaming will be used via staff and customers to assist those who don’t want to visit in-person. The latest POS system will allow for mobile payments, and buy online, pick up in-store methods to continuously adapt to consumer’s needs.

Based in the fashion capital of the world, Milan, the store will include three levels to integrate a “phygital” environment where physical and digital interact to create a hyper-digital retail space. An intricate, detailed store design was adapted with the consumer in my mind. This includes architecture inspired by apartment buildings in the ‘60’s, Milanese courtyards, and bright facades. The main theme, however, is to drive human interaction, which serves as the core of VF’s new brick-and-mortar initiative.

VF’s latest store concept will serve as a pilot program, that will likely have other executions in the future than can be incorporated into additional retail layouts. There has already been a strong interest from tourist centers around the world to adapt this model in their locations – such as airports in Dubai and Asia, that serve as a venue for experience and innovation.

“We’re trying to drive something that has an influence on the way we’re going to operate stores in the future,” said Martino Scabbia Guerrini, Group President of EMEA.

Along with a new approach to retail, Guerrini believes that Orefici11 will bring:

  • A higher desire to shop physical and take it to the next level
  • A higher conversion percentage
  • A chance to use storytelling to introduce products
  • Digital interactions to have a better, faster connection with consumers

“The Lab” will also be featured in the Orefici11 store, which serves as a boutique to feature various VF brands that want to be a part of the new retail concept. This will include new products, sustainable innovations, collabs, and more.

VF’s recent acquisition of Supreme served as a tremendous opportunity to further identify and expand the brick-and-mortar presence for the brand. The introduction of Orefici11 could serve as a stepping stone to further unify VF’s brands and provide unique retail experiences that consumers want – while seamlessly using an omnichannel approach.

Orefici11 is a curated, intentional and experiential retail concept that could have the potential to create a new department store model. VF’s latest venture successfully reinvents physical retail in an innovative way to set the tone for other brick-and-mortar retailers.

Source: VF Opens First Multi-Brand Store – VF Corp., Orefici11 – Virtual Tour
Photo Credit: Orefici11 Instagram

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