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Wahlburgers Grand Opening and VIP Event at GVC

Tuesday, Feb 4, 2020

After successfully negotiating a 4,000 square-foot deal between SREG and Wahlburgers at Genesee Valley Mall in Flint Township Michigan, grand opening planning commenced immediately.

SREG’s Partnership & Support


SREG implemented a hands-on support and project management initiative from lease signature through day-of opening. Establishing proper channels helped both W & SREG teams with brainstorming, planning, communication, execution and project management. Checks and balances allowed for quick solution-finding when plans shifted. Created a transparent and lean working dynamic.


SREG quickly established involved parties and point-of-contact per group; working closely with both W Corporate, Local Operator, Real Estate Team and Partnering Agencies. This became a critical piece in the successful project management when plans changed and milestones were off target.


SREG took the lead in overseeing on-site logistics, security, crowd control and real-time tenant engagement.

Grand Opening & VIP Event

Marketing & Communication

SREG heavily promoted both Grand Opening and VIP events through a creative and aggressive social media strategy.



Tenant Relations


Project Management

Promo & COMM


Social Media


Community Partnership


Media Relations


Content Creation

Event Management


On-site logistics


Retailer Partnerships


Tenant Engagement


MC & Crowd Control



Promo & Comm: Social Media

Utilized Facebook and Instagram as primary methods to create buzz, promote event and engage with community.

Content distributed through various vehicles:

  • Mall’s various social media
  • SREG’s social media accounts
  • Personal social media accounts
  • Co-branded with mall tenants
  • In-restaurant food reviews and coverage promoting grand opening

Social Media Strategy Consisted of:

  • Geo-targeted content, capturing immediate neighboring communities.
  • Facebook and Instagram DM strategy.
  • Facebook takeover; prominent and pinned content, page cover and profile branding.
  • Aggressive, multi-story image and video story initiative.
  • Image and video posts building up to the opening.
  • Content covering setup, building finishes, food prep, and staffing.

Promo & Comm: Social Media Stories

Implemented an aggressive, creative and fun social media story strategy through Facebook and Instagram. Published multiple stories daily leading up to Grand Opening and VIP Event. Several examples include:

Promo & Comm: Social Media Highlights

Combined FB Reach!

Unique Story Opens!

Event Post Reach!

Post Reach!

Video Reach!

SREG heavily promoted both Grand Opening and VIP events through a creative and aggressive social media strategy.

Community: Media & Community Relations

SREG took the lead on prioritizing media relations, advising on major and prominent media outlets for one-on-ones and local dignitary relations. Community relations included a strategic word-of-mouth initiative, partnering with major media and local influencers to help spread the word.

Community: Local Artist Collaboration & Selfie Area

Partnered with The Flint Public Art Project to activate an adjacent-to-Wahlburgers space as on-site selfie area; with tie-in to local area and the community. Also used backdrop as creative for a Facebook Story campaign announcing the VIP Event.

Community: Local contest

Implemented a community contest that was initially communicated at the Announcement Event. The idea: take a selfie wearing a Wahlburger’s t-shirt, post photo on Facebook along with a branded hashtag. Lucky winner to be part of the grand opening!

EVENT MANAGEMENT: On-site Logistics & Security

SREG assumed responsibility of mapping out event logistics, parking, traffic flow, including managing the procurement and assigment of additional security.


Security Assignment


Local Police Procurement


VIP Parking Designation


Event Mapping / Layout


Traffic Flow Outline

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. We will not share, sell or distribute your information outside our company.

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