Canadian DTC brands collaborate to form alliances and grow brick-and-mortar retail experiences

Thursday, Jan 25, 2024

Canadian DTC brands like Mejuri, Fable, and Silk & Snow are forging unique partnerships to expand their reach and grow brick-and-mortar retail experiences. These retailers are working with others in the landscape that share similar values and a commitment to growth. And with this, they have created a mutually beneficial partnership and shop-in-shops to redefine the collaborative retail landscape. 

Just last month, jewelry brand Mejuri welcomed home goods company, Fable, into their store for an event. Formerly a sole e-commerce company, Mejuri has quickly made a name for themselves in the brick-and-mortar landscape. Since 2015, the company has expanded to over 20 stores, with four additional openings slated for this year. 

Fable has collaborated with other Canadian retailers as well. The company popped up in Kotn’s LA store and even invited Silk & Snow, another Canadian mattress and bedding retailer space, into its own Toronto store. This seems like a common trend for Canadian DTC brands, who are sticking together and helping one another grow their physical store presence. 

Silk & Snow is one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, with a three-year growth rate of 867%. Its first experience with retail was bringing bedding into Fable’s Toronto store. The company is opening its second showroom but first authentic retail experience in Ottawa, Canada, in November. 

“What we found was that just allowing our customers to experience it and be where they want to be provided a lift in terms of conversion and awareness for the brand,” shared Albert Chow, cofounder and CEO of Silk & Snow.

Shop-in-shops allow brands that share similar values the opportunity to work together and cater to the same customer market, while offering different products. Silk & Snow, Fable, and Mejuri pride themselves on sustainability, community, and transparency. 

These retail experiences give brands the ability to expand their markets, even for Mejuri, who has already made a name for themselves in the brick-and-mortar realm. This past summer, the company had a partner pop-up with Van Leeuwen in Brooklyn. 

The idea of stores being necessary for DTC businesses has become widely accepted. Mejuri has a similar attitude, and it’s the reason the brand has opened so many locations since its first store in 2019. A brand’s power is largely measured with the physical experience they can provide, and the impact they have on overall customer experience. 

“Walk into any Mejuri store, and you will know that it’s not like any traditional jewelry experience,” stated Majed Masad, Mejuri’s cofounder and President, adding that “our stores prioritize a welcoming, non-intimidating experience with no glass cases, encouraging customers to try on pieces and have fun.” 

Stores also serve as a key marketing technique to better understand a brand’s customer market. Silk & Snow shared that its first location, attached to its office, was a way to listen in on customer interactions and figure out the best setup and technology for retail. Fable also opened stores in Toronto and Vancouver to discover a better sense of what worked and what didn’t. 

Fable recently opened a new store in Vancouver, which is the brand’s second permanent location. And it has big plans for more.

Mejuri is also on an opening streak to double its store count to 50 by the end of 2024.

As we approach 2 million customers, Mejuri remains committed to global retail expansion. With a 35% repeat purchase rate, retail is a powerful channel to attract new customers and re-engage our devoted community.”

Fable, Mejuri, and Silk & Snow are all at different stages in their retail journeys, however, they each share a commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and customer-centricity that binds them together towards distinct paths of growth. These alliances also show a shift in the DTC industry to provide mutual support in order to meet the end goal – grow brick-and-mortar retail experiences. 

Source: Collaborative Growth – Forbes
Photo Credit: Collaborative Growth – Forbes

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