Spinoso Real Estate Group is an Innovative, Aggressive and Proven real estate firm providing a wide-range of personalized retail real estate services.

We are activity seeking to add qualified individuals to our ever-growing team for the New York and California corporate offices, and our retail properties.

Our Culture

At Spinoso, we operate with a get-it-done mindset, and our corporate culture is very much the same. Creating value for the clients we represent is at the core of operations, and we’re passionate about it! Simply Put, We Love What We Do & We Get Deals Done!


Our Values

Our Values coincide with our Business Philosophy and guide us in Developing our Vision, Setting our Goals and Executing our Plans. We are committed to:

– Conducting Business with Integrity
– Executing with Excellence
– Operating with Humility

SREG story highlights of individuals at Spinoso Real Estate Group

SREG Story: James Dolan relocates 1,400 miles to continue to be part of the SREG team

James Dolan, former General Manager at an enclosed mall in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is uprooting his life to move nearly 1,400 miles to continue to be part of the SREG team. “I wanted to come back not only because of the SPINOSO culture, but because I realized that the...

“It’s the culture” – Redefining and Differentiating SREG through human-centered values

Culture. I’m sure you’ve heard this term thrown around plenty of times before. But, what does it mean to you? At SREG, culture is an integral part of our company — it makes up who we are. Culture is what makes us stand out, and our team thinks so too. In our recent...

Dylan Cocco Internship Interview

Dylan Cocco, Leasing Intern Class of Summer 2020 A few key comments from Dylan on his experience at SREG: "You have a lot of reservations with internships, lots of stereotypes; potentially getting coffee, filing paperwork. But none of that was here."   "Given the...

Andrew Fureno Internship Interview

Andrew Fureno, Leasing Intern Class of Summer 2020 A few key comments from Andrew on his experience at SREG: "When I first talked to Camillo at the job fair, culture was the thing he brought up a couple times. One of the things he said was it was hard for him to show...

Caelan Houle Internship Interview

Caelan Houle, Leasing Representative Former SREG Intern, Class of 2019 (Spring) "I had work to do right away, but I didn't have to figure things out on my own. I was able to ask questions, there was alot of good training from day one." "Being able to ask questions, go...

Current Career Opportunities

Operations Manager - Miami, FL
Marketing Manager - Santa Fe, NM
Operations Manager - Manassas, VA
Specialty Leasing Manager - Centerville, GA
Marketing Manager - Plainfield, IN
Specialty Leasing Coordinator - SYRACUSE, NY
General Manager - Fairfield, CA
Specialty Leasing Manager - Santa Maria, CA

General Manager - Santa Maria, CA



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