A digitally native brand, Casper tests new store design, continues to reaffirm their commitment to physical retail

Friday, Jan 19, 2024

Casper continues to see success in their physical store formats. So much so, that the mattress brand is testing out new store concepts and designs, reaffirming their commitment to brick and mortar. 

Casper recently unveiled its first redesigned store, located in Costa Mesa, California. The new store features a “Snooze Bar” where customers can ask Casper’s employees what the best pillow or mattress might be based on their needs and lifestyles. There’s also a new dedicated pillow lab for customers to test out Casper products, along with a space for bedroom design services and a “bunkhouse getaway” for kids.

The company is testing out this new model solely in their Costa Mesa location for now, but if its successful, they will integrate this new design to more locations. Casper currently operates 66 retail stores, plus an outlet, and plans to open between 7 to 10 new stores this year.

The store design was created to emphasize Casper’s product innovation and also combat the myth that DTC brands are only meant to harness digital audiences – which is far from the truth. Casper has made the switch to brick-and-mortar to bring more to their audience and elevate the overall brand experience.

“A lot of people — myself included before I joined Casper — thought that it was just a marketing company that found an idea and a way to distribute and deliver a bed in a box,” said Casper’s chief of sales, Brad Bailey. “But it’s really so much more than that.” 

Casper was one of the first prime DTC companies when they started to make their way in the market. However, this was short-lived. Their growth and profits started to falter early on and they realized that online-only created net losses and was ultimately unsustainable for their long-term goals.

When Casper opened its first mattress store in 2018, their focus was to recreate and improve the outdated experience of shopping for a mattress. A key feature of Casper’s first store was what the company called “houses,” which allowed people to test out mattresses in more privately partitioned areas. 

As they’ve grown and evolved in the brick-and-mortar sector, the company’s messaging focuses on their product innovations through practical use, and the ability to consistently evolve and elevate their stores to provide an experience that meets the expectations of consumers.

“Casper has traditionally been a DTC — meaning e-commerce and our own retail stores — business,” Bailey said. “I’d say over the last several years, we’ve been working more and more towards wholesale and trying to get more into that side of it because we want to be wherever the consumer wants to be able to buy our products.”

Source: Casper – Modern Retail
Photo Credit: Casper – Modern Retail

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