“It’s the culture” – Redefining and Differentiating SREG through human-centered values

Wednesday, Aug 5, 2020

Culture. I’m sure you’ve heard this term thrown around plenty of times before. But, what does it mean to you?

At SREG, culture is an integral part of our company — it makes up who we are.

Culture is what makes us stand out, and our team thinks so too. In our recent video series, “SREG Stories” we interviewed various interns to see their perspective on the company. We noticed a common theme between each interviewee – they felt the genuineness and differentiation that SREG’s culture provides.

Culture has been a part of our company since day one. But now, we’re making it our mission to shed light on what it’s like to work at SREG, and why the right kind of human-centered culture is needed at the forefront of every successful company.

Andrew Fureno found out about the 2020 Summer Internship Program at SREG through his college’s career fair. At first, he was skeptical about the amount of assistance he would get, but he was pleasantly surprised from the very beginning to find that he could go to anyone with questions.

“When you first walk through the doors, everyone was very genuine. They emphasized that they hand-picked all their employees – you could really tell that they took their time to choose their staff. Everyone was contributing to the culture that Carmen set forth in the beginning,” Fureno said.

Caelan Houle started out as an intern in the Spring of 2019 and was later onboarded as a full-time Leasing Representative after he graduated. He was impressed with the training he received from being an intern to then working full time. The company was constantly evolving and quickly making waves in the industry, and this was something Caelan knew he needed to be a part of. There were many factors that influenced Caelan to return after he graduated, but the most significant was the people.

“Being a company that is trying new things, pushing the envelope in leasing and marketing and management, things that other people in the industry are not doing, was something that really drew me in,” Houle said.

Dylan Cocco had his own reservations with starting a new internship. He had heard the many “stereotypes” of getting coffee, running errands, etc. However, he found that none of that existed at SREG. He was given tasks from right off the bat and felt like an important asset to the company.

“The culture here is definitely ‘work hard play hard.’ Everyone likes to have fun. Everyone wants to be happy at work. And that’s a huge factor in why the culture here is so great. A great culture allows for growth. It allows for opportunities. It allows for motivation,” Cocco said.

Culture is all about what you make of it. Sometimes it’s difficult to display our company’s character and values to outside individuals, but once they walk through the door, they are immediately greeted with a genuine warmness that SREG provides.

When a human-centered culture is put at the center of a company, employees are more likely to feel important and valued. By giving a healthy work/life balance, our team has been able feel motivated and refreshed in doing what they love.

“When you come to work, you don’t want to feel obligated. Like you’re being forced to do something you don’t want to do. Your work, your career should be something you’re in love with,” added Cocco.

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