[PRESS RELEASE] Spinoso Real Estate Group Announces Tactical Partnership with Retail Leasing Startup Resquared

Friday, Apr 22, 2022

Syracuse, NY (April 22, 2022) – Spinoso Real Estate Group today announced that they have signed on with Resquared, a venture-backed startup and provider of commercial real estate lead generation software. Spinoso Real Estate Group will equip their team with Resquared’s platform to increase their local and regional canvassing efforts.

An industry leader, Spinoso Real Estate Group has invested heavily in building out its operational infrastructure to enable the company to scale rapidly and efficiently, allowing the organization to assume anything from a single to an amassed influx of new assets without fearing depletion of resources or operational overload; while being able to deliver the industry’s highest quality results to their investors and clients. This has created the perfect opportunity to sign on with Resquared, which helps maintain Spinoso Real Estate Group’s competitive edge by equipping their teams with best-in-class technology that streamlines processes and increases efficiency for leasing agents.

“As our growth outpaces industry predictions, we needed to ensure optimal operational efficiency and scalability across all departments. Including meeting market demand through leasing,” said Carmen D. Spinoso, Chairman, CEO of Spinoso Real Estate Group. “Empowering our Reps to 10x their productivity in order to increase value across the company’s portfolio was a hefty goal. With the right tools like Resquared in place, we believe we’re on track to surpassing it.”

Griffin Morris, Co-Founder of Resquared added, “we are excited to be a part of Spinoso Real Estate Group’s significant growth strategy and look forward to the positive impact they will have on the communities they serve by creating more opportunities for local business owners. Spinoso Real Estate Group shares our mutual value of equipping employees with the best technology to automate time-consuming functions, allowing individuals to focus on curating and fostering relationships. From a leadership perspective, that’s where the competitive advantage lies.”

Moving toward mid-2022, it has never been more important for mall operators and investors to adapt to the digital era of leasing and remain nimble against the competition. 

“Having a powerful tool that can additionally improve an already leading and well-oiled leasing department has been able to strengthen the core of Spinoso Real Estate Group’s business,” added Carmen D. Spinoso.

About Resquared
In March of 2020, Resquared launched the first marketing platform specifically designed to reach local businesses. The software has built-in data on every local business and includes training and workflows that have been proven to effectively get in touch with these business owners through social media and personalized email outreach. Case studies available on demonstrate how Resquared can save, on average, 3+ hours per day of prospecting while generating 10x more leads.

About Spinoso Real Estate Group
Spinoso Real Estate Group is a national real estate firm, specializing in enclosed shopping malls and large-scale retail properties. With a proven track record of 70 properties and 56.6 million square feet of enclosed-mall transformation, the firm offers a range of services including leasing, property management, repositioning, development, stabilization, and re-development. For more information, visit

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