SREG STORY: Jeff Odom’s transition to SREG – a smooth, empowering experience

Monday, Nov 16, 2020

When a property transitions to a new management company – apprehensions immediately arise among the property’s employees. This sense of nervousness is evident and far too common across the industry.

Jeff Odom felt this stress first-hand. However, he immediately found himself pleasantly surprised that the transition process to SREG was smooth, meaningful and impactful.

Odom serves as a General Manager at a property in La Crosse, Wisconsin. A few months back, he found out that the property would be taken over by a new management company – SREG.

Before undergoing this transition, Odom was unsure as to what the future would entail, but right off the bat he was reassured by SREG’s professionalism and people-first culture, which immediately washed away his prior doubts. On a recent call, Odom discussed his seamless transition to SREG.

“This is a company that gives you an opportunity to use your talents, provides you with information to better yourself and the transition is really impressive. There’s just something different about it that I haven’t experienced in a while,” expressed Odom.

Odom has served as an industry vet for 20+ years, managing enclosed malls. He started out as Marketing Director, but then found his place as General Manager. Working as a GM, Odom has played a vital role in numerous companies across the industry, but the experience at SREG has been unlike any other corporate culture he has been a part of.

Although this transition was out of his control, he couldn’t have felt more secure and certain that this change would be monumental to his career. Just in the short time since the transition, Odom noticed the ongoing support that SREG provides. This has been evident since day one, where Odom knew he could go to anyone at SREG with questions, and that they would value his opinion and ideas.

“It makes you excited that you have leadership at the corporate level that is there to assist you and help you in whatever the challenges may be. And that you can reach out to them,” Odom said.

This excitement has translated into Odom’s everyday professional performance. Odom has also recently helped with the transition of another property in Burnsville, Minnesota. He let the Burnsville team know that all stresses they were feeling would quickly vanish once SREG took over, and that they would be better off in the long run.

Being a part of SREG’s weekly leasing meetings has also contributed to Odom’s sense of empowerment at the company. By contributing to all aspects of leasing, Odom understands the synergy that makes the company thrive. This synergy has translated into a more successful workplace at each of SREG’s properties, including La Crosse.

“There’s a field team, there’s a corporate team but there’s also a SPINOSO team. Our whole team here feels like we are a part of the SPINOSO team. And our objective is to make SPINOSO a better company, and this translates to our mall teams,” Odom said.

Odom and his team have embraced the onboarding process, the training, and the culture that SREG provides, which helped to alleviate their prior apprehensions. And now, the La Crosse team is renewed and thriving, with a new-found focus on the success of their property.

“All of us just feel rejuvenated, empowered and excited to be a part of the SPINOSO team,” noted Odom.

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